Condensation Removal and How to Prevent Condensation in the Home

Condensation Removal and How to Prevent Condensation in the Home

One of the main causes of condensation in the home is caused by improper ventilation and can occur pretty much anywhere, including in between the glass in double glazed windows. Condensation in the home can result in black mould and although this can be cleared, it can build up a lot of costs and heart-breaking damage to your property along the way. This article will let you know what to do if you are in need of condensation removal, as well as how to prevent needing it in the first place.

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Proper Ventilation

If you have a washing machine or tumble dryer in your property, then ensure that there is proper ventilation. From just one load of washing a staggering 2L of water can be emitted into the air from improper ventilation.

Dry Clothes Outdoors

This may not always be possible, but when it is, try to dry your clothes outside. If you are unable to let the clothes dry outside, then ensure that they are put in a room (such as a bathroom) with the windows left open.

Shut Doors to Rooms that Produce Moisture

When cooking, boiling the kettle or taking a shower etc. ensure that the door is closed. This helps prevent moisture from travelling into rooms that are colder, as this will cause condensation on the surfaces of said room.

Use Extractor Fans

There is a very good reason that pretty much every bathroom and kitchen have extractor fans. This is to reduce the amount of moisture that is left sitting in the air after we cook or bathe. Extractor fans are extremely easy to use and one of the simplest ways of helping prevent condensation build up in the home.

Know What to Avoid

Things such as portable gas bottles and paraffin heaters cause a lot of moisture (as well as toxic fumes). These types of devices are not allowed in most rental properties due to their dangerous nature, so it’s probably best to avoid these things anyway.

Don’t Overfill Wardrobes and Cupboards

Overfilling wardrobes and cupboards cuts off the all-important ventilation, this can mean that if you were ever to take everything out you may be greeted with a nasty surprise as mould can begin to grow when the air isn’t able to circulate freely. A musty smell or damp feeling to your clothes are tell-tale signs that you may be developing a problem.

Condensation Removal

Even if you undertake all of the preventative measures listed above, you can’t always prevent condensation. It can occur for a whole host of reasons that are out of your control, including the properties structure.

As you can see above, there are many steps that you can take in order to prevent condensation. But sometimes it is not always possible to prevent it and condensation removal may be necessary

If you do find condensation in your home, don’t panic. There are many companies that provide a condensation removal service. The condensation can be removed with the help of a specialist device. This device can even get condensation out of sealed units and double glazing. Meaning that if you are experiencing problems you don’t need to worry about getting your window fully replaced.