Winter-Proof Your Makeup

Winter-Proof Your Makeup

Defeat Dull, Dehydrated Skin

Winter tends to make the air much drier than usual, this, in turn, can cause your skin to become drier. Applying makeup on dry skin is not going to improve its appearance. You should moisturise before putting your make-up on and after you take it off, and ensure you drink plenty of water. It’s also recommended to use a gentle exfoliator once a week, and applying moisturiser when the skin is still damp is the best way to combat dry patches.

Cleanse Carefully

If your face starts to feel dry, then it might be time to switch up your cleansing routine. Switching from gel-based cleanser to milky or creamy cleansers will help ensure that your face isn’t being stripped of its natural oils. Try massaging your cleanser into dry skin, then gently remove with a cotton wool pad. If this still doesn’t help, then it might be worth investing in a humidifier to fight dryness in the air.

Moisturise While You Beautify

Heavy make-up during the winter months can easily make your skin look drier than it is by accentuating dry patches, it can also come off in the snow and the rain making imperfections more obvious. A good way to combat this is to mix equal parts foundation and moisturiser or use a tinted moisturiser.

Don’t Skip Sunscreen

UV rays are present all year round, no matter how cold it is. UV rays can also penetrate clouds meaning that you aren’t safe from them. Sun reflecting off snow can be incredibly damaging to your skin, so ensure that you put on that all-important sun cream all year round.

Prevent Windburn

A cold winter wind can be extremely bad for your face and your makeup. Applying a richer, extra-moisturising emollient or salve can help protect your skin. Also putting your hood up and covering the front of your face with a scarf can help.

Reduce Redness

If your face is getting red, inflamed and irritated during the winter months, then using a green tint moisturiser can help reduce redness. If the redness is only in small areas than a green colour correcting concealer can do the job. Look for moisturisers that aren’t packed full of chemicals and ensure they have calming ingredients such as aloe vera.

Waterproof Your Eye Make-Up

Wind/rain/snow are all bad factors when it comes to makeup during the winter. Ensure you have a waterproof mascara so that you won’t have to experience looking in the mirror to a panda staring back at you. Also only use eyeliner and eyeshadow on the upper lids to try and prevent makeup from running.

Fight Flakes

Help get rid of dry flaky skin by applying a creamy hydrating face mask (or a rich night cream) to your face for 5-15 minutes. Then press a tissue on your face to absorb any excess.

Set It

Applying a layer of translucent powder will help stop your makeup transferring onto your jacket, scarf or anything else. It’s also less messy than loose powder.

Wake Up Your Complexion

A little bit of blush can wake up a tired and washed out looking complexion. Use a peachy-hue for fair skin or a warm terracotta-tone for darker skin. Apply the blush on the apples of your cheeks and blend toward your cheekbones.