Cake Smash Glasgow | How to Celebrate Baby’s First Birthday

Cake Smash Glasgow | How to Celebrate Baby’s First Birthday

Cake smash is a fun way of celebrating your baby’s first birthday. This trend started in the US, but soon the UK followed suit and this photoshoot is loved by both parents and kids. This fun photoshoot soon turned into the cake smash and splash. Which sees little ones destroying a birthday cake, before having a bubble bath to clean up.

Keep reading to find out the cake smash process and where to go if you are interested in cake smash Glasgow.

The Cake Smash ‘n’ Splash Process

A standard smash ‘n’ splash parties are split into three parts;


Before the cake smash, there will be an opportunity to get some pictures of baby before things get messy. This will also be an opportunity for family members to get involved and capture some truly precious moments. Theme and costume choices will be discussed prior to the shoot to ensure that everything is prepared for your arrival. This includes the design of the cake, which is custom made with gluten-free options available.


Once the cake is brought out, the real fun starts. Your baby will be able to smash the cake to their hearts content. Capturing fun and happy memories.


No need to worry about how much mess is made during the smash part of the shoot. Because in next part of the shoot will get rid of all that cake.

Once the shoot is complete, it will normally take 1-2 weeks for you to come back to the studio to view your images and select a photo package to take home with you.

Advantages of a Cake Smash Photoshoot

Some of the advantages of a cake smash photoshoot include;


A cake smash and splash photoshoot is essentially 3-in-1, not only will you get beautiful family photos out of it, you will also get two different settings with just your baby – the cake and the tub. This gives you a wide variety of images to choose from.


As a parent, you know how quickly time flies. One minute you remember bringing them back from the hospital and the next they’re walking and talking. A cake smash photoshoot is an excellent way to capture memories from babies first birthday. A cake smash in Glasgow is an extremely fun and memorable experience for both baby and parents.

Babies Personality Shines Through

Cake smashes are made to be as natural as possible. Your baby can do as they like with the cake and this can allow their personality to shine through. This helps capture some precious memories that will last a lifetime.

Interested in Cake Smash Glasgow?

As you can see, a cake smash is an amazing birthday celebration for your little one. It’s a great day out for everyone involved and you’ll get to take home photos that will last a lifetime. If you are interested in a cake smash Glasgow, then choosing a photographer that specialises in children and baby photography is the best course of action.