Electric Golf Carts Are More Powerful Than Ever

Electric Golf Carts Are More Powerful Than Ever

Everyone knows that electric golf carts are a fun and practical way to fly around golf courses in style and grace.  Used by people of all ages and from all demographics, they can be found at almost every good-sized golf course providing comfort and pleasure to happy golfers. 

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Electric Golf Carts No Longer A Luxury Item

Thanks to increasingly inexpensive manufacturing methods out of China, India and other surrounding countries, these electric golf carts are no longer a luxury item.  They have become accessible to all, with a price tag that won’t give most golfers a heart attack.  Sales are on the rise thanks to the steady adoption of these buggies and carts, but we also have technology to thank for this kind of product. 

Powered By Battery Technology

These carts are predominantly powered by electricity, which has seen huge developments in recent years, largely thanks to electrically powered goods that have become more and more hungry for large amounts of power.  Such examples include mobile phones and electric cars, that are two of the main driving forces behind the research and development efforts into battery technology.  The favoured battery technology for these types of products is Lithium-Ion battery technology. 

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Lithium-Ion batteries, driven by the demand to be more efficient, more compact and pack more power, have had a copious amount of energy and time put into making them better.  In fact, the market is expected to reach a combined value of over 100 Billion dollars by 2025.  These batteries really are the future of all electrically powered products.

Electric Golf Carts Driven By Lithium-Ion

For electric golf carts, this represents vast potential, in a number of areas.  Firstly there is there longevity benefits, which obviously mean that the carts will be able to go further and longer on a single charge.  The batteries are also getting stronger, so bigger motors can be used so the torque output will be higher meaning it will have more power.  This translates into the carts being able to tackle tougher terrain and allows them to climb hills a lot faster.  This is great for the overall user experience, which is great for the perceived functionality of these vehicles and more people will see them as a good purchase decision.

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Power For The Future

As battery technology advances, it generally becomes cheaper to produce and therefore cheaper for the customer.  This will drastically reduce the retail prices for electric golf carts, as one of the most expensive components is the battery, or batteries, that power the cart.  Their lifespan will also rise as lithium-ion technology gets more efficient, as the batteries will last longer due to an increased rate in the number of cycles that can be put on the battery before it dies. 

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Golf carts are an example of a relatively niche product that is being more widely adopted by golfers, and this trend can be seen in other products as well.  Electric cars, for example, are seeing huge investments from car companies, as consumers call for greener transport.  Car manufacturers have battery development to thank principally, as without these technological advances we would not be able to put advanced battery systems in cars.