How Can Tech Companies Be Held To Account?

How Can Tech Companies Be Held To Account?

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is often asked if there is a way to hold tech companies accountable for the bad press they receive. While this particular question does not apply to every Chamber member, the answer is no. There is no mechanism by which you can hold companies like Microsoft, Apple or Google accountable for the bad press they receive.

Understanding Tech Companies

However, what is true about tech companies is that many companies have been very open in their attempts to “disrupt” and change the market. One example of this is Google’s “Nest” initiative. In some circles, Google has been labeled as the “anti-Google,” a company that is out to take over the internet in a big way. However, Google has yet to be able to break through the barriers set by the larger market giants such as Yahoo and Microsoft.

The problem with these large businesses is that they have their own business model that is in place and they can easily counteract the changes in the technology market. For example, Google’s efforts to provide a better search experience are being challenged by the larger search engines like Bing and Yahoo. In fact, Bing has even launched a service that allows users of its search engine to use the Google-style hyperlinks in their results pages. This will make it a more difficult task for Google to retain its dominance over the market.

It will also be difficult to see a change of tactics on the part of these larger players because their businesses are based on existing technologies and are dependent on the internet for their operation. They will likely need to continue to rely on existing platforms as well. This is why it is very difficult to hold tech companies to account. They rely on the fact that they will be able to provide a better experience for their users and can easily overcome the challenges posed by their competitors.

Making A Difference

While the market may be shifting in a different direction, many large tech companies may also not be ready to embrace new business models. In fact, this is one of the reasons why large corporations have been so successful over the years.

While technology is changing, many tech companies will probably continue to find ways to keep up with the new trends. What is clear is that they need to find a way to adapt to the changes and provide a better experience for consumers.