Orla Kiely Mugs: The Perfect Gift

Orla Kiely Mugs: The Perfect Gift

Orla Kiely is a fashion designer who is based in London, but originally from Ireland. She is a well-known designer who has achieved ‘Woman Of The Year’ award, as well as the ‘UK Fashion Export Award’. Kiely started her journey as a designer with hats, and then moved onto handbags and kitchenware. Orla Kiely also designs tea and coffee mugs which are sold online and via some in-store retailers. Here is why Orla Kiely’s mugs make the perfect gift:

Unique Style

Kiely is known for her unique patterns and designs, which is what makes her items stand out from the rest. Her new collection of mugs now includes retro-inspired/70s style, with fun and funky patterns to choose from as well as a range of different colours.

Not all mugs have to be boring, and if you are looking for a gift that captures an out-going, fun, and eccentric personality, these mugs are the ones for you.


On most online sites selling Orla Kiely Mugs, you will have the option to personalise your gift either on the handle or the inside base of the mug. This will give your gift an extra special touch for the recipient. Not only can you pick a design that you love, but you can also add your own personalised touch too.

High Quality

This designer’s mugs are always made to the highest quality with strong ceramic material and are carefully created and designed to ensure they look the part. These mugs are a perfect gift for a tea or coffee enthusiast as they are durable, thoughtful, and look extra fun in the kitchen cabinet


Despite Orla Kiely being an incredibly well-known designer, her mugs are sitting at an affordable price point for their unique appearance and high-quality materials. Whether you are looking for a birthday or a Christmas gift on a budget, Kiely has you covered with her designs. You can show someone just how much you care, whilst keeping it to a reasonable price.

Safe For Everyday Use

Tying in the points regarding the mugs’ durability and quality, it is important to note that this includes the fact that they are all microwave and dishwasher friendly. They can be used for any liquid and won’t deteriorate in hot temperatures. The pattern is protected, ensuring it will not fade or scratch.

Final Words

When looking for a gift that is simple, affordable, but also thoughtful, a mug is always a good idea. It is not uncommon to know a tea or coffee lover (especially a tea drinker in the UK), which is why Orla Kiely’s mugs make the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. You can add a personal touch to your gift and be rest assured that it is of the highest quality and durability.