Serviced Apartments Glasgow – Guide

Serviced Apartments Glasgow has in the city centre are numerous and there are a very of different properties to tailor to different customers and clients. Through this guide we will provide you information on serviced apartments in Glasgow and their advantages.

What Are Serviced Apartments?

Serviced apartments are apartments that are regularly cleaned and maintained by a company or organisation. Normally these are let out to specific clients or people. Normally these are apartments that are prepared for short or long term letting periods. Serviced apartments are different from traditional apartments in a variety of different ways. One such way in which they are different is letting periods.

Typically a regular apartment would be let out for a few months or a matter of years whereas serviced apartments comparably have a faster turnover due to the length of time people spend in the apartment. Another key difference between regular apartments and serviced apartments is admin and maintenance. One of the key features of a serviced apartment is that typically services available are more bespoke and on demand. For example in a serviced apartment it would be much easier to source repair services or support for any appliances.

What Makes Serviced Apartments Glasgow Different?

There are a number of different ways in which serviced apartments Glasgow are different and set apart from other serviced apartments. One of the main reasons that serviced apartments Glasgow are different from other serviced apartments is the unique location they are in. Many serviced flats Glasgow has are in the heart of the city centre. Glasgow is a unique city with excellent transport links as well as restaurants , nightlife and culture and this ensures that serviced apartments Glasgow are always in demand.

Ways To Improve Your Property

In order to improve your property so it is better prepared for the market there are a number of different things you can do to improve it. One of the most important changes that can be made to a property is damp proofing. Damp proofing is essential for properties that are subject to regular cold /damp conditions and this includes ground floor properties in particular. As well as preventing damp damp proofing can ensure your property is watertight and prevent further damage from occurring if there was a small amount of flooding within the property.

Another important improvement that you can make to the property is having a property survey undertaken. Doing this is very important for properties as it allows you to identify any current or potential issues so you can eliminate/fix them before putting the property on the market or letting it out. A Third way in which you can improve your property is double glazing. Although many properties already have double glazing if your property does not it could be putting you at a large disadvantage. This is because single glazing does not retain heat well and can lead to damp , mould or condensation build up within properties.


Overall to conclude serviced properties offer a number of unique advantages over regular properties. They also require less work after a period of time as the services are managed although they may require some upfront investment to get them to a high standard ready for becoming a serviced apartment.