VCR To DVD All You Need To Know

VCR To DVD All You Need To Know

Recently I decided that converting VCR to DVD through Digital Converters was the best option to salvage some old media. In this article I will share my experience with you and what I have learned from this process as well as key notable points about my experience overall.


VCR Tapes

VCR also known as VHS are a form of tape media which began to spread across the wider world in the 1980s. For over 30 years VCR and VHS tapes were one of the most popular and easy to use forms of media available. One of the main reasons why this type of media was so popularity was its widespread availability. Tapes could be bought almost anywhere and used on TV’s as well as VCR and tape players.

Generally , tapes were reliable and took little maintenance to look after overall which meant that they were excellent value pieces of media. However as time has marched on more accessible and newer technology has come to the forefront of many consumer markets meaning that the days of the VHS and VCR tape were numbered.


Why I Chose To Convert VCR To DVD

There were a number of different reasons as to why I chose to convert VCR to DVD. One of the main reasons behind me choosing to use this service was through some online research. After reading multiple reviews based on digital conversion services , I concluded it would be best for my media in order to preserve it in the long term.

In addition to reading reviews of digital conversion services , I also found that it had become apparent that VCR tapes detoriate over time. I the current year 2020 , there is a severe lack of repair workshops.

This means that if VCR tapes become too damaged or worn then some media or footage may simply be lost forever. DVD offers a long term and sustainable solution to this issue. It can also be used on multiple different types of media platform.

Long term , I saw several different inherent benefits to choosing the digital conversion process of VCR to DVD such as the following:

  • Better durability and reliability
  • More support and repair services on offer
  • Less chance of damage
  • More flexible media format
  • Better quality footage
  • Can improve resale value
  • Dedicated specialists undertake the work which guarantees quality

Outlook And Observations

Initially when I was first researching and inquiring about the overall process , I was a bit apprehensive. Part of the reason that I was apprehensive about the overall process was because the old media I have stored on VCR is important to the family , it had old archive tapes and family holidatys.

Another issue I was concerned about was the process , just how did it work and how long would it take? I sent the tapes away and was pleasantly surprised that they took just a matter of days to come back. This meant that I had a very smooth and fast experience and was able to enjoy may new media after a very short turnaround time.