Vehicle Wrapping Glasgow | Choosing Between A Car Wrap And Paint

Vehicle Wrapping Glasgow | Choosing Between A Car Wrap And Paint

If you have been looking to give your car a new lease of life with a custom design, your first thought might be to paint it. However it is worth looking into vehicle wrapping Glasgow. Vehicle wrapping is the process of covering the car or van in a thin vinyl covering which can change the look as well as protect the car.

As well as appearance and protection, there are many benefits to choosing vehicle wrapping Glasgow over a paint job. We have gathered some of them here for you.


The durability of vinyl wrapping is surprisingly very strong. Despite being a thin wrap around the vehicle it will resist most small scratches and so on without showing wear and tear. This means the paint underneath the wrap is well protected. Both the wrap and the paint underneath will last longer as a result.

Vehicle Wrapping Glasgow


It is entirely dependent on where you go. Neither a car wrap nor a quality paint job will be cheap. However it is possible to get the vehicle wrapping Glasgow a bit cheaper. Painting the car can be between £3k and £10k, whereas a professional wrap will be between £2.5k and £5k.

Both are very expensive so you need to be absolutely sure this is what you want before parting with this large amount of cash.

Resale Value

One of the best things about a car wrap is the resale value. Because the vehicle wrapping protects the paint and car underneath, when the wrap is removed the car will still be ‘like new’ underneath. When compared to cars that show some signs of wear and tear, this will increase the cares saleability.

A paint job however will probably be detrimental. Paint jobs are often non-traditional colours which will not be popular when selling on.

Installation Time

If you are in your car all the time then you will want your car back on the road asap. Getting a paint job can take between one and two weeks, before you even consider drying time before it is road-worthy. Applying a wrap will take between three and five days and will be ready to use as soon as the wrap is applied.

Vehicle Wrapping Glasgow

Vehicle Wrapping Glasgow: Where To Go

If you think vehicle wrapping Glasgow sounds up your street, visit Customised Vehicles. They specialise in working with high-end vehicles. Each vehicle they wrap will receive a bespoke design and quality installation as the staff have years of experience in the trade.