Reading Books: It’s Positive Impact on Your Health

Improves Vocabulary

Reading books regularly, has been proven to positively develop vocabulary. This is present in both adults and children from a young age. Having a large vocabulary can have a positive impact on many aspects of life such as, writing skills, education, job opportunities etc.

Anti-Ageing for The Mind

Often, it is found that those who read every day have a younger mind. This is because it is believed that reading keeps the mind engaged and can aid the prevention of memory loss and Alzheimer’s. It is also believed by medical researchers that reading can slow down dementia.


Reading is known to be a relaxing activity. It calms the mind and relaxes the body and is often used as a way of relieving stress. It has been found in previous medical research studies that reading for as little as 30 minutes, has the ability to reduce heart rate and blood pressure.

Helps Sleep

It is recommended to read before bed instead of using a mobile phone or tablet as reading can put you in a relaxed state of mind, which can lead to tiredness. Looking at a screen before bed has a negative impact on our eyesight and holds no positive impact on sleep. Swapping a screen for a book is great way to encourage your body to shut down at night and get the night’s sleep that you deserve.

Improves Mental Health

Following on from the previous point, swapping your phone for a book can impact your mental health in a positive way. A book is a way to escape your reality and follow a different life just for a little while. However, if you do not enjoy fiction books, reading non-fiction self-help books can be equally as beneficial in improving your mental health.