Booking Your PCR Test Croydon for Travelling

Booking Your PCR Test Croydon for Travelling

The government guidance on travel has been consistently changing since the beginning of the pandemic. In recent weeks, the government has taken a “learning to live with the virus” approach and has significantly eased their travel rules. However, there is still some vital information to be aware of before you travel depending on where you are travelling to and your current vaccination status.

Travel Rules in England

As it stands, fully vaccinated travellers are not expected to carry out any PCR/lateral flow tests when arriving back in the UK. Even if you do decide you want to carry out a test on arrival, if the result is positive, you are not expected to self-isolate. However, you will be required to fill out a passenger locator form when travelling. 

For unvaccinated or non-fully vaccinated travellers, you will be expected to pay for a PCR pre-departure test, as well as carrying out a day-two test, 2 days after your UK arrival. You are also required to fill out a passenger locator form.

It is always important to check the travel rules, testing guidance and overall COVID-19 restrictions implemented in the country you are travelling to as this could look very different to the UK’s current restrictions. You can check up to 266 countries or territories’ covid travel advice via ‘Foreign Travel Advice’ on the government website.

Why PCR Testing Is Still Vital Regarding Travel

PCR tests are reliable methods in showing who is infected or not infected with the virus. As the virus does not always present itself symptomatically, it is possible to be infected and be unaware. A PCR test can inform people of this, and they can take the right precautions going forward in an attempt to prevent others from being affected.

How You Can Get A PCR Test Croydon

If you are looking to book a PCR test in Croydon, this can be done by going online and booking an appointment to a walk-in centre. Or you can order a PCR testing kit online to be carried out at home.

It is important to note that an NHS test is not accepted for travel purposes, and only paid PCR’s by private providers are accepted.

Different Types of PCR Tests Available

As you book your PCR test for travel in Croydon, you will choose which PCR test you would like to receive. This will be dependent on which price you are willing to pay, as well as how fast you need the results back. Here are some examples:

  • Next Day RT-PCR Test – results by 23:59 the next day
  • Day 2 RT-PCR Test – results by 23:59 the next day (used for unvaccinated travellers on day 2 of arriving in the UK)
  • 12-14hr RT-PCR Test – results in 12-14 hours
  • Express RT-PCR Test – results in 1-3 hours
  • Lateral flow test – results within 60 minutes

Final Words

Taking a PCR test in Croydon for your travel experience is made easy with fast, bookable appointment services online and at-home testing kits that can be ordered straight to your door. Even with restrictions easing significantly, COVID-19 testing continues to play a role in stopping the spread of the virus. With travelling to other countries, their rate of infection may be higher which is why it is important to continue following the guidance to keep yourself, your loved ones and others around you safe.