Rolex Watch Repair | Everything You Need to Know

Rolex Watch Repair | Everything You Need to Know

Rolex is known for producing high-quality watches, these watches have a 5-year warranty which conveys the quality of the product. So hopefully you won’t need Rolex watch repair too much during its lifetime, but here’s some of the information you need if you do;

About Rolex

Rolex is one of the most prestigious and well-established brands of all time. Owning a Rolex watch, for many, is something to aspire to. The master craftsmanship matched with brilliant design and innovation is what has made Rolex the brand it is today. The attention to detail is second to none, with their watches a whole year to manufacture. Rolex have their own research facility, which has allowed them to experiment and come up with completely new technology, including;

Self-winding movement – In 1931 this design has become the basis for every other self-winding watch

Date display – In 1945 Rolex developed the Oyster JustDate, the first ever watch to display the date

Time zones – The Rolex Oyster GMT Master was introduced in 1955 to allow piolets to tell the time in 2 time zones at once

Quartz moments – the use of quartz in watches was pioneered by Rolex, with the Rolex OysterQuartz being the finest example of quartz watch ever made



Rolex Watch Servicing

Before you get your Rolex watch repaired, you will need to get it serviced to detect what is wrong with it. To help ensure your Rolex remains in good working order it is important to get it serviced every 3-5 years. This means that any potential problems could be detected sooner, giving you time to get it fixed.

The Rolex service procedure involves 10 steps;

  1. Disassembly
  2. Cleaning the movement
  3. Replacement of components
  4. Lubrication
  5. Timing calibrations
  6. Refinishing
  7. Reassembly
  8. Waterproof test
  9. Final quality control
  10. Two-year service guarantee


Different Types of Rolex Watch Repairs

  • Battery placement, resealing and pressure testing
  • Dial restoration and repair, including reluming
  • Bracelet and strap repair or replacement
  • Full vintage Rolex service
  • Restoration of Rolex case including re-polishing and re-finishing
  • Glass replacement – mineral, sapphire or acrylic
  • Vintage Rolex watch repair

rolex watch repair


Rolex Watch Repair Cost

Rolex watches are expensive to buy and to maintain and repair. When your broken Rolex watch gets serviced this will allow the watch repairer to detect the problem and give you a quotation for the cost. Listed below is rough pricing for various Rolex watch services and repairs;

Rolex Watch Repair Prices

  • Cosmograph service – from £589.99
  • Day/date service – from £519.99
  • Professional service – from £536.99
  • Perpetual/airking service – from £389.99
  • Oyster service – from £429.99
  • Cellini quartz service – from £389.99
  • Cellini batter – from £59.99


Rolex Tudor Service

  • Tudor quartz service – from £284.99
  • Tudor chronograph service – from £354.99
  • Tudor battery – from £59.99


Non-Official Rolex Service Only

  • Mechanical – from £385
  • Chronograph – from £490
  • Rolex battery and reseal – from £49.99

How Long Does it Take to Repair a Rolex?

This will depend on the type of repair that is required. But typically it should be repaired within 8-12 weeks. This could be a longer time period if specially ordered parts are required. After the servicing, a horologist should be able to give you a rough timescale.