Kilchoman Whisky | Everything You Need to Know

Kilchoman Whisky | Everything You Need to Know

Islay is a famous island located off the Scottish coast in the western area. Islay is very notable not only because of the many tourist attraction centres found there but also because of the eight whiskey distilleries which are very famous due to their unique and fantastic brands such as Kilchoman whisky. If you don’t already know, these eight distilleries, although located in the same Island produces whiskies that are very different from each other, and each distillery has its unique and distinct production method, resulting into very unique and different brands.

In this article, let us focus our attention on the Kilchoman distillery and tell you more about this Islay distillery as well as about the unique Kilchoman whisky.


The Kilchoman distillery was established in 2005. It is one of the newest distilleries among the eight famous Islay distilleries. Popularly referred to as the farm distillery, Kilchoman distillery has its base on the western side of Islay, near the Atlantic Ocean. For a period of over 120 years, Kilchoman distillery is the only distillery that has been established in Islay Island. Kilchoman distillery is very famous for its whisky brands whose production is started and finished on the site. You can never fail to recognize Kilchoman whisky which is produced with self-grown barley, own malting and the bottling. All this is done in their own bottling hall, using their own ingredients and tools.

Kilchoman whisky is an adorable whisky brand, which is unique in its own way. They are heavily peated and matured and mostly exist in a combination of let’s say 4 to 5 years old sherry butts. Kilchoman distillery produces classic and smoky whisky, which is a characteristic of all Islay whiskies. However, a balanced combination of peat, tropical fruit and vanilla gives this fantastic whisky a unique combination of aroma and sweetness that can never be experienced in any other type of whisky. The Kilchoman whisky has a beautiful smell, and it is hard to put off the urge of taking a sip of this Scotch the moment your nose comes across the lovely smell of soft fruits, strong aromas of peat and also citrus. Kilchoman whisky is one of those daredevil’s brands that you can never stop once you start taking them. It opens you to a new and memorable drinking adventure that you never thought existed before.

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Since Kilchoman distillery opened its door in 2005 and released its very first single malt in 2009, its unique and rare brands of whiskies have been the talk of the town. What surprised many after the release of its first single malt is its fantastic taste, for a three years’ brand. The breakthrough for Kilchoman distillery was in 2012 when they released their entry-level whisky, the Machir Bay. In April the same year, Kilchoman distillery released Sherry Cast after five years of maturity.

A visit to Kilchoman distiller presents a fantastic learning experience, mainly because the entire production process takes place in a single building. If you are a fan of whisky, then Kilchoman whiskey should be part of your next great adventure!