4 Ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy

Brush Before Washing

When hair is wet, is much more prone to breakage and tangling. Hair should be washed with care, however, the most vital step to washing your hair, is the step that comes beforehand, brushing. Take a few seconds to brush through your hair to detangle those stubborn strands. As your hair is stronger when dry, it is crucial to take this step before it becomes vulnerable.

Wash With Care

Be sure to wash your hair in lukewarm water. Hot water will damage the ends of your hair and strip your scalp of natural oils. A lukewarm temperature will ensure you hair is clean as well as nourished and healthy.

In addition, you should only be using a pea-sized amount of conditioner on the mid to ends of your hair. It is also important to leave your conditioner in for a few minutes to let it fully absorb into the hair to create nourishment, leaving strands silky smooth.

Use Hair Masks

Hair masks have become a popular product on the market during the last year. They keep your hair healthy, hydrated and soft. This is especially important if you use heat on your hair regularly as this can cause serious breakage. There are many different brands of hair masks. They range in price, ingredients and purposes. You can find a hair mask suited to your hair type.


Before you go ahead and dry or style your hair, it is important to consider steps to take before this to ensure you are keeping your hair in a health condition.

  • Using any type of heat protectant is a great first step to take before you apply any sort of heat to your hair. This includes before blow-drying.
  • Before you blow dry, it can be beneficial to let your hair air dry for as long as possible. This is again due to how fragile your hair can be when soaking wet.
  • Try to stay away from washing your hair every day. Giving your hair a break from being washed for a few days can allow the natural oils to benefit your scalp and roots. You can also train your hair to be washed less frequently by leaving 2-4 days in between each wash every week.